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Yoga poses

TREE (Vriksasana)

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From Tadasana, weight is shifted to one leg, for example, starting with the left leg. The entire sole of the foot remains in contact with the floor. The right knee is bent and the right foot placed on the left inner thigh, or in half lotus position.

Child (Balasana)

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From a kneeling position, bring the forehead to the floor and relax the arms alongside the body, palms upwards

Warrior I (Virabhadrasana I)

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The poses can be entered from a standing position, jumping or stepping the feet wide apart. For Warrior I, the hips are turned to face the front foot, which is turned fully outwards; the back foot is turned halfway inwards. The body sinks down into a lunge until the front knee is bent to a right angle, the back leg remaining straight, and the back foot working to keep the whole of the sole of the foot on the floor. The arms are stretched straight upwards, the back is slightly arched, and the gaze is directed upwards.

Down dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

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The pose has the head down, ultimately touching the floor, with the weight of the body on the palms and the feet. The arms are stretched straight forward, shoulder width apart; the feet are a foot apart, the legs are straight, and the hips are raised as high as possible

Lotus (Padmasana)

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From sitting cross-legged on the floor in sukhasana, one foot is placed on top of the opposite thigh with its sole facing upward and heel close to the abdomen. The other foot is then placed on the opposite thigh as symmetrically as possible

Diamond (Vajrasana)

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The practitioner sits on the heels with the calves beneath the thighs. There is a four finger gap between the kneecaps, and the first toe of both the feet touch each other and sit erect.

To learn more about yoga poses:

Books about Yoga

Yoga for Children–Yoga Cards by Lisa Flynn.

This interactive deck includes more than 50 cards divided into four color-coded categories: Mindful Me mindfulness activities, Time to Breathe breathing exercises, Strike a Pose yoga poses, and Rest & Relax relaxation exercises.

Yoga For Kids by Susannah Hoffman.

It is a mindful yoga activity book with more than 50 poses and activities. This book is packed with yoga activities for kids and mindful games.

Yoga Kids by Fearne Cotton

Meet the Yoga Kids and have fun, relax, and learn a thing or two! Colorful pages are filled with simple stretches and lots of fun examples of yoga poses that anybody can do.

You are a lion by Taeoon Yoo

With simple instructions and bright, clear illustrations, award-winning artist Taeeun Yoo invites children to enjoy yoga by assuming playful animal poses.

Yoga Bug (Yoga Bug Board Book Series) by Sarah Jane Hinder.

Yoga Bug guides children through ten authentic yoga poses named after insects that unfold in an irresistibly whimsical flow of play, imagination, and movement. Kids will want to return to them again and again.

Guided meditation for children

New Horizon – Meditation & Sleep Stories

Sleep Easy Relax – Keith Smith

Moshi: Sleep and Mindfulness

Youtube channels

Smile and Learn – English

Cosmic kids yoga

Bari Koral: Kids Yoga, Music & Mindfulness

Para ver recursos en español:


El yoga para niños/as


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